Fire Hose Reels

We supply fire hose reel from the leading and most reputable industry leaders, Nel’s fire; for commercial, industrial and public buildings for expeditious and swift response to a small developing fire. A fire hose reel must be handled by professionals who are specifically trained to handle and use fire hose reels. Such fire hose reels must only be serviced by qualified and registered SABS 1475 service agents who employ qualified SAQCC technicians.
Fire hose reels are NOT to be used on electrical fires!
Fire hose reels are an effective and easy to use medium of fighting fire risk. The strong and robust quality together with an adjustable nozzle makes it a preferred option when fires threatens. Hose reels are also versatile in that they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
Nel’s fire also does fire hose reel service and maintenance: must be serviced every 12 months (or sooner) in accordance with SABS standards. Due to their strong pressure and versatility, fire hose reels are a tempting source of water for general maintenance and other uses. Ensure that your hose reel is not being used for these purposes. The hose reel should be sealed, ensuring that your hose reel works when you need it.
Fire hose reels